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A report on new modified concretes in high-rise building structures was delivered at the international academic and research conference High-Rise Construction as part of the City Build 2008 Exhibition held in Moscow on 10-13 November, 2008. The report reviews the state of the modern science and technology of concretes and presents the technology of high-strength self-compacting heavyweight concretes with a compressive strength of 80 to 120MPa, high-strength lightweight concretes with a compressive strength of 45 to 65MPa and specific gravity of 1,800kg/m3 as well as special shrinkage-compensating concretes with a low heat of hydration intended for structures with enhanced thermal crack resistance.

The international conference Modern Construction Technologies at the SIB-2008 Exhibition, held in Voronezh on 10-12November, 2008, featured a report on high-rise building structures from high-strength concrete at the “Moscow-City” MIBC and video materials showing the installation of cast-in-situ structures from self-compacting B50…B90 concretes developed by NIIZhB (Research Institute for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete) and the Master Beton En-terprise experts.

Master Beton Enterprise in collaboration with NIISF (Research Institute for Building Physics) of RAASN (Russian Academy for Architecture and Construction Sciences) developed the Design and Erection Recommendations for Cast-In-Situ Aboveground and Underground Building Structures from Concretes with Embelit Modifier. The document contains supplements to SNiP 2.03.01-84* and SNiP 2.05.03-84* (norms of the Building Code) relating to the regulatory and rated strength and deformation characteristics of heavyweight and fine-grained modified shrinkage-compensating B40-B80 concretes, as well as data on the produc-tion technology for such concretes and information on the parameters essential for the durabil-ity of reinforced concrete structures. The Recommendations were developed on the request of “Mosinzhproyekt” GUP (State-Owned Unitary Enterprise).

A report on unique concretes and technologies in modern construction aroused much interest amongst the participants of the international conferences held in Ukraine – Custom Concrete: New Opportunities in Construction Technologies (Kharkov, April 3-5, 2008) and Days of Up-to-Date Concrete (Alushta, May 28-30, 2008). The report summarized the experience in streamlining the mix designs of high-strength concretes and concreting techniques at the construction of a number of unique projects in Moscow (Russia) and Kiev (Ukraine).

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