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The experts of NIIZhB and Master Beton Enterprise set up mass production of self-compacting high-strength B45-B90 concretes. The self-compacting concretes during the past year totaled over 26,400m3 including more than 5,200m3 of B45, more than 10,000m3 of B50, more than 5,000m3 of B60 and more than 6,200m3 of B90. Application of such concretes was a successful solution for the construction of complex high density reinforcement and steel concrete structures of mat slabs, columns, stiffening core walls and slanting outriggers of the high-rise buildings at the Moscow-City MIBC: Federation Plot 13, City of Capitals Plot 9, Eurasia Plot 12, Moscow Mayors Office Plot 5, etc. The following plants are able to produce self-compacting concretes: Stroyproyekt, Ingeocomprom, BMG-Trade and Inzhgeocom.

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