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Application technology
The application of MB in the process of concrete manufacturing may be effected in accordance with standard procedures and does not require any special equipment [4, 5].

Fig.4. Fragment of processing line
MB may be stored in silos, transported to the feeding bunkers by screw conveyers or pneumatic pipelines and proportioned in batching plants (Fig.4).

Since MB application excludes superplasticizer use and, therefore, some technological equipment for storage, delivery and dosage of chemical admixtures, the high performance concrete manufacturing is considerably simplified.

Technical effects
With ordinary Portland cement of the M400 or M500 type and standard aggregates:

  • High-slump (slump 22…26 сm) and self-compacting (cone flow more than 65сm) concrete mixes of high cohesion / absence of segregation.
  • High–strength (compressive strength 60–80 MPa) and very high-strength (compressive strength exceeds 80 MPa) concrete, including fine - grained concrete;
  • Concrete with a high early strength cured at normal conditions (25–40 MPa in 24 hours);
  • High–strength (compressive strength 60…120 МPа) self-stressing and shrinkage-compensating concrete, including fine - grained concrete;
  • High–strength (compressive strength 50…80 МPа) structural light-weight concrete (with a density grade of D1600…D1800 kg/m3);
  • Low permeability concrete (water tightness grade – W16-W20 according to the Russian standard);
  • Improved durability concrete (increased resistance to sulfate and chloride attacks, to action of weak acids, sea water, and to freezing-thawing and high temperatures action.

  • The above effects can be regulated by varying the type and grade of the modifier applied, its dosage and the composition of concrete mixtures.

    MB packed into flexible containers of the Big Bag type may be stored in open sites and closed storehouses. In case of storage on open sites, the time of storage is limited only by the durability of the Big Bags which is 12 months due to the action of ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures (below -25°C). When storing Big Bags in storehouses and under tents, the storage time is prolonged.
    The storage time of MB in bulk in hermetic silos and other metallic reservoirs is unlimited [1, 2, 3].

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