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MB Series Concrete Modifiers

General information
MB series concrete modifiers of multifunctional action are powder-like composite materials on an organic-mineral basis. The mineral part of modifiers is composed of microsilica or its mixture with fly ash or expansive compound. The organic part is represented by superplasticizer or its mixture with setting regula-tor and other chemical admixtures [3, 4, 8, 52, 74, 79].

In dependence on microsilica / fly ash ratio of the mineral part, the modifiers are subdivided into four types designated as MBЦ01, MBЦ30C, MBЦ50C and MBЦ100C respectively [1, 2].
In dependence on the microsilica / expansive compound ratio of the mineral part, the modifiers are subdivided into three grades designated as Embelit-50, Embelit-75 and Embelit-100 respectively [3].

Depending to the mineral/organic parts ratio, each of the four types is subdivided into separate grades. Each of the grades is in its turn indicated as follows: MB8Ц01, MB10Ц01... MB10Ц50C... Embelit 8-100 etc. The first digital index (after the letters MB) indicates the content of superplasticizer in the product weight (%), the second one - which of the above four grades it belongs to.

The bulk weight of MB powder is within the range of 750Ц800 kg/m3, the size of each granule is within the limits of 0.01Ц0.4 mm (Fig. 1), relative moisture Ц not more than 10% [1, 2, 3].

Each granule represents an aggregate of ultra-fines microsilica or a mixture of microsilica and fly ash or expansive compound uniformly covered by hardened thin adsorption layer of superplasticizer and other organic components. The hardened adsorption layer glues microfiller particles stimulating formation of granules, but at the same time, being waterЦsoluble, stimulates the granules de-aggregation being mixed with water during concrete manufacturing [4, 5, 75].

MB modifiers are designed for manufacturing of the High Performance Concrete including very high-strength concrete which generally may be obtained only by combined application of special cements with microsilica and superplasticizer.

However, in comparison with the required component of such concrete Ц microsilica, a light powder-like substance of 200 kg/m3 bulk weight (or 500 kg/m3 in compacted state) making transportation and technological problems, the modifiers are more workable and transportable and their application does not result in corresponding manufacturing costs increase.

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