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MB Series Concrete Modifiers

MB series concrete modifiers of multifunctional action are powder-like composite materials on an organic-mineral basis. The mineral part of modifiers is composed of microsilica or its mixture with fly ash or expansive compound. The organic part is represented by superplasticizer or its mixture with setting regulator and other chemical admixtures.

MB modifiers are designed for manufacturing of the High Performance Concrete including very high-strength concrete which generally may be obtained only by combined application of special cements with microsilica and superplasticizer.


The Quality Control Guidelines for High-Strength Heavyweight and Fine-Grained Concretes in Cast-In-Situ Structures have been developed.
Conferences and Publications
A report on new modified concretes in high-rise building structures presented.
Mass production of self-compacting high-strength B45-B90 concretes has been set up.
Construction News
News of construction activities at the sites of the “Moscow-City” MIBC with scientific and engineering support from NIIZhB (Research Institute for Concrete and Rein-forced Concrete) and Master Beton Enterprise.

Modified High Performance Concrete

High performance - are concretes of high strength, low permeability, high corrosion resistance and durability, with compensated shrinkage or expansion, i.e. they possess such qualities the combination or prevalence of which provides a high reliability of structures depending on utilization conditions. The application of such concretes in most cases allows to avoid a «secondary» corrosion protection (protective coatings).