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About US

Being self–dependently incorporated, our organizations represent the creative body united by the idea of development and manufacturing of concrete modifiers and work out of manufac-turing technology for modified concrete.

Our permanent scientific staff are highly qualified specialists with a great scientific and prac-tical experience in the field of civil engineering and construction materials manufacturing. Among them diploma engineers, four Philosophy Doctors and two Doctors of Engineering Sciences.

Our specialists possess the asset of significant achievements in the field of concrete admix-tures and High Performance Concrete development. They include:

  • superplasticizers (C–3, Dofen and MF–АR trade marks);
  • modifiers (MB–01, MB–C and Embelit trade marks);
  • setting regulator (NTF trade mark);
  • air entraining admixtures;
  • gas forming admixtures;
  • admixtures of hydrophobic action.
  • We are involved in designing and construction of important and unique structures such as: Okhotny Ryad Trade and Recreation Complex in Moscow, reconstruction of bridges and via-ducts for Moscow Ring Highway, Moscow-City International Business Center, Youmaguzin water storage structures in Bashkhortostan, Lokomotiv stadium in Moscow, recirculating water supply structures of Pavlodar Refinery in Khazakhstan, waste material recycling plant of the Chelyabinsk Electric Iron and Steel Works and others.

    Main activities:

  • Development, research, manufacture and delivery of concrete modifiers.
  • Study of modified concrete properties.
  • Provision of assistance during production start-up of modified high performance con-crete.
  • Development of production procedures for erection of unique structures and construc-tions.
  • Scientific and technical support of construction projects.
  • Testing of construction materials and structures.
  • Engineering survey and diagnostics of structures, buildings and edifices.
  • Rehabilitation works for improving operational properties of buildings and edifices.
  • Design of technology lines and structural design.

    Dr.Sc. (Eng.),
    S. Kaprielov

    NIIZhB, Head of Laboratory 16,
    Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor,
    V. Batrakov